Courses for 2011 - 2012

Fall semester  

EPL607 - Graphics & Video Processing (G), taught by C. Pattichis and Y. Chrysanthou
EPL426 - Computer Graphics (UG), taught by Y. Chrysanthou and E. Stavrakis
EPL435 - Human Computer Interaction (UG), taught by C. Fidas
EPL445 - Image Processing (UG), taught by C. Pattichis
EPL447 - Computer Vision (UG), taught by V. Argiriou

Spring semester 

EPL653 - Computer Games Software Technology (G), taught by Y. Chrysanthou and E. Stavrakis
EPL668 - Computer Vision (G), taught by C. Pattichis and Y. Chrysanthou
EPL413 - Computational Geometry (UG), taught by I. Fudos


Previous years:

2009-2010 - Fall semester   

EPL426 - Computer Graphics(UG)
EPL607 - Graphics & Video Processing(G)
EPL435 - Human Computer Interaction (UG)

2009-2010 - Spring semester 

EPL653 - Computer Games Software Technology (G)
EPL656 - Computer Graphics - Modeling and Realism (G)
EPL447 - Computer Vision (UG)