Cyprus 3D Reptiles Repository29 Mar 2021


Visit our Cyprus 3D reptiles website!

Cyprus 3D reptiles aims to develop accurate animated 3D models of Cyprus reptiles through digitalization of our natural heritage. The project targets to preserves not only tangible aspect of the Reptilia on the island, like shape, colour, dimensions, postures, but also the intangible aspects of this heritage through recording animals movements, gestures and signals. The outcomes are expected to support research and conservation of wild fauna, providing at the same time state-of-art educational materials and tools to be used in classrooms and museums.

Webpage: http://3dreptiles.cs.ucy.ac.cy

Director: Dr. Andreas Aristidou

Virtual Dance Museum22 Feb 2021

Visit our new Virtual Dance Museum website!

Dive into the history of dancing using our public digital of traditional dances captured for a unique 3d experience. Interact with high quality motion 3d data of expert dancers, captured by state-of-the-art motion capture technologies, and watch rare video material held by local cultural institutions!

Webpage: http://dancemuseum.cs.ucy.ac.cy/

Director: Dr. Andreas Aristidou

PARKER • Become the Fool23 Jan 2020

This video clip (Become the Fool, by Parker) shows a fascinating artistic performance using data from our dance motion capture datbase.

Crowds Data01 Jun 2015

We have developed a publicly accessible crowd dataset, that consist of crowd data in video & .vsp files (Lerner et al. 2010), and .csv files (Charalambous et al. 2015).

For more details, please refer to the Lerner et al. 2010 paper, or visit the Charalambous et al. 2015 project website.

Dance Motion Capture Database01 Jun 2012

We have developed a publicly accessible digital archive of dances that stores high quality motion data of expert dancers performing these traditional dances, acquired using state of-the-art motion capture technologies. Apart from the goal of preserving this intangible cultural heritage by digitizing it, the project is interested in increasing the awareness of the local community to its dance heritage. This is an evolving project and data will be added to our database as we capture them over time. We store high-quality AutoDesk FBX, C3D motion capture data and videos for every performance. You can download any of datasets currently available in the Performances page.

Please read the copyrights statement before downloading.

Walls of Nicosia through the centuries01 Jan 2010

Multi-touch 3D application illustrating the Walls of Nicosia through the centuries (Leventio Museum). Developed by the Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality Research Laboratory.

Director: Yiorgos Chrysanthou