To apply for the following positions, please send your resume to the corresponding email address.

Research Associates

[Deadline: 31 Jul 2022]

Position: PostDoc/PhD positions in Extended Reality

Duration: (12 months - can be extended to 3 years)

Project: Extended Experiences MRG group, CYENS centre of Excellence.

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In collaboration with Dr. Fotis Liarokapis, at the Extended Experiences MRG group, CYENS centre of Excellence. Extended Experiences MRG focuses on virtual and augmented environments as well as human-machine interactions generated by computer technology and wearables. Advanced extended reality combines human senses, and it requires new strategies for the design and implementation of novel applications and systems. The goal of this MRG is to focus on three related broad areas including: (a) extended reality, (b) advanced interaction and (c) physiological interfaces.

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Research Associate

[Deadline: 30 Jun 2022]

Position: PhD position

Duration: (12 months - can be extended to 3 years)


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The project «PREMIERE» covers a wide range of multidisciplinary topics that are in line with the recent tendencies in computer graphics, character animation, and virtual reality. It aims at investigating modern trends in machine (deep, convolutional, adversarial, and reinforcement) learning, with ultimate target to provide ingenious solutions for overcoming the current limitations in character animation, and essentials for future improvements in a wide range of ambitious and challenging projects.

Research Software Engineer

[Deadline: 30 Jun 2022]

Position: Research Software Engineer

Duration: (12 months)

Project: ALADDIN

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The ALADDIN project aims at the development of a motion capture technology that goes beyond conventional methods, is cost-effective, and minimizes the risks associated with capturing in dynamic situations. The proposed system is easily scalable and intrinsic, in the sense that measurements are not taken by external devices, enabling efficient capturing in outdoor environments, with state-of-the-art acquisition accuracy.