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1   Link   No Man's Land Project - Parametric Urbanism Competition
Workshop for the Rehabilitation of the City of Famagusta

How can one practice parametrics when no parameters are to be found, when no variables can be set? How can one deal with absence or predict the upcoming presence? Which rehabilitation plans can be implemented for an abandoned city whose residents want to return to their original households and built environment?

This workshop is based on the hypothetical event of the return of the abandoned and fenced for 35 years city of Famagusta to its former inhabitants.
2   Link   Reconstruction and Modeling of Large-Scale 3D Virtual Environments Workshop
The workshop will take place on September 11th, in Crete, Greece, in conjunction with the ECCV 2010 main conference. It will be a one-day forum where every accepted paper will be orally presented.

The nature of the workshop is multi-disciplinary, focusing on innovations in all the technology and application aspects of modeling and representation of large-scale 3D environments.